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shadows flash in the light

broken bed (again) celia and i went to the screening of metropolis at the orpheum last friday. it was the digitally restored version, and this wikipedia article explains the differences from earlier releases.

we got a drink at the broadway bar before the film, and more at the golden gopher afterwards, so the list of downtown bars i’ve actually been to is now a little less meager.

despite my earlier repair job, my bed broke again this weekend. i’m not going to repair it again and give it a chance for a third strike, so i’m in the market for a new bed now. maybe i should build a bed frame using iron pipe.

my mad repair skills on display i should have bought some washers, but at least my bed is up off the floor again. the picture is deceiving: that board (and the two metal plates holding it together now) runs parallel to the ground — the board sticking out the back (in the picture) is one of the center legs of the bed.

it’s been a very productive weekend on the domestic front — i also cleaned my blinds this weekend. and now that my bed is off the floor, i can mop.

loft appeal is a furniture store that opened up in downtown los angeles a few months ago (at 9th and hill). i dropped by today, and they have a really great collection of stuff. and some oddities, like more than a half-dozen payphones, each mounted within a seven-foot tall metal pillar. mentally deranged as i am, i was almost tempted to get one. but the $1200 price tag was a great way to prevent that.

they say that they’re always getting new stuff in (every couple of weeks). some of the more unique stuff was originally used as movie props.