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buy my comics

i finally just went ahead and pulled a price out of mostly-thin air and listed my three boxes of comic books (most from around 1990) for sale on craigslist. $350 or best reasonable offer. all or nothing, and you have to pick it up in downtown los angeles.

i wonder if anyone would even buy an original playstation. or a playstation 2, for that matter. we really need to hook up with a garage sale and sell more of the junk we have laying around.

in fact, that brings up a really good idea — take over a parking lot downtown, and have a neighborhood “garage” sale. it is probably a little late in the season for it, but could be good in the spring.

mac mini for sale

i am slowly chipping away at all the unnecessary electronics around here. up for sale now is: mac mini, 1.42ghz g4, 1gb ram, 80gb hard drive, tiger, ilife '06 gone.

i listed it on craigslist for $300, but could certainly be talked down from that.

air purifier for sale

i bought a blueair 601 air purification system back when i lived in the old bank district, and it is simultaneously too small and too large for our current place, so i’m looking to unload it. as you can see (if you clicked the link), it is listed on the amazon shops, but if you are local and want to just get it cash-and-carry, drop me a line.

for sale and free

i finally got around to listing my bass guitar for sale on craigslist, as well as listing my my old mattress for free. (i also donated some stuff to the midnight mission.)

next up will be my old 17" imac and some boxes of old computer junk. but i’m using the keyboard from the imac right now, so i need to either fix my other keyboard or replace it before listing the imac.

buy now!

it seems like every christmas, i either get too many calendars or none at all. this was a none at all year, so i decided to make my own 2006 calendar. because i made it using lulu, it was easy to make it so anyone else can buy it for $15.

the pictures i chose are a mix of shots from minnesota and los angeles. i’m already coming up with ideas for more focused calendars for 2007.

i get about three bucks per calendar — and leverage to claim camera equipment as a business expense.

i put my old sony vaio pcg-z505r up for auction on ebay. $300 buy-it-now price, for the eager. there’s a photo set of the laptop and accessories.

i’m working on getting rid of various things around my apartment that i don’t need. next will probably be my old 17" imac. i may try listing that on craiglist to sell it locally, and not have to deal with shipping it.

i put my minolta dimage z-1 up for sale on amazon. $125. sold.