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buy my comics

i finally just went ahead and pulled a price out of mostly-thin air and listed my three boxes of comic books (most from around 1990) for sale on craigslist. $350 or best reasonable offer. all or nothing, and you have to pick it up in downtown los angeles.

i wonder if anyone would even buy an original playstation. or a playstation 2, for that matter. we really need to hook up with a garage sale and sell more of the junk we have laying around.

in fact, that brings up a really good idea — take over a parking lot downtown, and have a neighborhood “garage” sale. it is probably a little late in the season for it, but could be good in the spring.

john august does a great job of explaining the problems in spider-man 3. he doesn’t point out how egregious the scenes of peter parker acting cocky were, though. people who say this is better than either of the previous two have something wrong in their heads.

kevin roderick reports that calvin and hobbes is reappearing in papers as a promotion for the new collection of all of the strips: the complete calvin and hobbes by bill watterson. awesome.

boing boing corrects error

in a posting about a comic strip by charles schultz featuring adults characters, mark frauenfelder wrote that peanuts never showed grown-ups, which i knew to be false thanks to the fantastic complete peanuts books.

i forgot to mention that the reason i ever got the books to know this is when mark blogged about the complete peanuts books last year.

in fact, i just ordered li’l beginnings after seeing that in the archives to dig up the other posting.

funny little comics: bunny suicides. (via nelson minar.)