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dipping my toes in go

one of the very first things i noticed when i migrated our website to a new server is that someone was running a vulnerability scanner against us, which was annoying. i cranked up the bot-fighting tools on cloudflare, but i also got fail2ban running pretty quickly so it would add the IP addresses for obviously bad requests to an IP list on cloudflare that would lock those addresses out of the site for a while. not a foolproof measure, of course, but maybe it just makes us a slightly harder target so they move on to someone else.

but fail2ban is a very old system with a pretty gross configuration system. i was poking around for a more modern take on the problem, and i found a simple application written in go called silencer that i decided to try and work with. i forked it so i could integrate it with cloudflare, and it was very straightforward. i also had to update one of the dependencies so it actually handled log file rotation. when i get time to hack on it some more, i’ll add handling for ipv6 as well as ipv4 addresses.

go is an interesting language. obviously i don’t have my head wrapped around the customs and community, so it seems a little rough to me, but it’s also not so different that i couldn’t feel my way around pretty quickly to solve my problem at hand.