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how open is drizzle?

one piece of jay’s advice to mysql got me thinking about something that bugs me about drizzle development. jay said:

Make all decisions open and transparent: For the non-maintenance team, make a policy that all decisions about the kernel design be done in an open forum, with the community able to participate in the discussion. Have stewards that are willing to negotiate the design decisions with the community and do everything in a transparent manner.

since jay is one of the key lieutenants in the drizzle effort, it only seems to fair to put them up against that standard. one thing i have noticed is that there is relatively little discussion on the drizzle mailing list about all the coding that is going on. the latest discussions mostly seem to be flypaper for standards wonkery and taking shots at mysql.

meanwhile, you have big refactorings of code like mark atwood’s plugin-ization of several features that seem to just go into the code without any discussion of the design or implementation.

maybe all the discussion is happening on the irc channel, but that is not a great way to get much of the potential community involved. how much of it is happening off-line? maybe more than the core drizzle developers realize, or would care to admit.

need anything dampened?

drizzle is an interesting new development in the mysql landscape. brian aker, who came along to sun microsystems in the acquisition but is actually now part of sun labs, not the database group, has taken the mysql server and started to strip it down to the bare metal. he isn’t working alone, of course, but has picked up some contributors during the stealthy period before they announced it at oscon on tuesday.

if you were paying attention the other day, you may have dug around my launchpad code page and noticed that i had a branch of drizzle where i was applying some fixes to make it build on mac os x. that should be merged into the main tree soon, so that branch will soon be retired. i’m not sure what i might try to do next.

drizzle isn’t something i am working on officially, but i can’t help but try to push things into some directions that i think would be fruitful. i certainly feel like i have a better shot of shifting its inertia than that of the mysql server.