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108th annual golden dragon parade

dragon head

it’s been almost a month, but i finally found time to get through my pictures from the 108th annual golden dragon parade. taking pictures at a parade is a lot of fun — interesting subjects just keep coming to you. i have a bunch of pictures from yesterday’s st. patrick’s day parade in downtown los angeles to go through.

one reason it’s taking longer is that i’m trying to write a bit more with each picture than i have in the past, and i’m also taking more time to really pare down the photo selections to just those i’m happy with or have a good story.


flowers and vase celia and i ate some of the cupcakes last night, and also some of the the best lasagna ever. some generic lactaid prevented me from exploding like a cheese-eating pug.

we only made it through about half of the notebook.

as you can see, i took heed of eric’s reminder about the los angeles flower market, and also added a vase from chinatown to the mix. there were also some tulips that i snuck into her car before she left for work.

it was my best valentine’s day ever, how about you?

107th annual golden dragon parade

gold dragon chasing a ball on saturday, celia and i headed over to chinatown for the 107th annual golden dragon parade. we got to be up in the grandstands, so i had an excellent vantage point for taking lots of pictures. i managed to fill a 1gb flash card, and hadn’t thought to bring my spare.

i’m not sure how the 42nd regimental pipes and drums fit into a chinese new year parade, but it worked. at least as well as the marching band from baja california.

we actually bailed out on the parade before it was over and headed across the street to get some food, and the parade was just wrapping up when we were done eating, which seems to me like an awfully long parade.

you’ll have to dig for the info on the chinatown business improvement district website (stupid frames), but they have a monthly 2½-hour walking tour called “undiscovered chinatown” that sounds great.

it’s also booked up through the end of the year. something to keep an eye on for next year, i guess.

frutips dedication to your job is standing outside in a costume like this when it is over 90ºF outside. so is this.

these were both from the chinese food festival, where i took very few pictures. dave took more — i’m sure he’ll upload a few eventually. maybe even one of those elusive breed of pictures with me in it.

the chinese food festival los angeles takes place august 27-28 in chinatown (where else?). sounds yummy.