cranking along

a few weeks ago, i got it in my head that the ideal time to switch to using scat, the web-based point-of-sale system that i have allegedly been working on for almost 18 months, would be after the new year. this is despite the fact that it was barely even a rough prototype of some ideas. but i’ve been cranking along on it over the last couple of weeks, and it looks like i might just have something that we can use by my arbitrary deadline.

it’s still just barely a rough prototype of ideas, but i there should be enough there on the surface for us to be able to use it, and needing to fill in the gaps because we are actually using it will probably provide plenty of motivation to make it better.

even in the very rough state it is in, it should alleviate some of the pains of our current system. and save us the $30/month we were paying for not-very-helpful support and slow-to-arrive upgrades (trading that for my time to support the new system, of course).

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