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was it really almost a year ago that i mentioned that my focus would be shifting from connector/odbc to libmysql? time certainly flies.

after what now seems much too long, i can say that we have carved out libmysql from the server source code, rebuilt its build system (using cmake), and are gearing up for an alpha release. the code is on launchpad, and it builds on all the platforms that the mysql server does. we have a build system set up that runs what scant tests we have on all of the platforms, and the big thing to work one before release is making more tests.

because this source is derived from the 6.0 server code, it has at least one big flaw that needs to get addressed — if you try to use utf-8, it uses the new 4-byte utf-8 supported in 6.0 even when talking to pre-6.0 servers, which then fails and falls back to latin1.

besides fixing that problem, our plan is to not make any large changes in connector/c (libmysql) for its first solo release. so the time from the first alpha release to the first “generally available” release should be small.



We (the community) just need all the client-utilities split out into a seperate project separate from the server and only depending upon "connector/c"

» Antony Curtis » december 2, 2008 3:46pm

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