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while we start to wind up development of connector/odbc 5.1, i will also be taking on responsibility for libmysql, the c library that defines the client interface to mysql, and the mysql command-line utilities. there are about 120 active bugs in those areas right now, so the first task will be getting that down to a more manageable number.

after that, the field will open up for new development. i know that an asynchronous interface to libmysql is on some people’s wishlist, and there are other areas where i think that libmysql could be cleaned up in general.

but the idea that i think is the most exciting is to build a scripting language into the mysql command-line client, such as lua. this would allow us to rewrite many of the utility scripts and perhaps even other command-line clients (like mysqldump) in lua, so they would be easier to work with and more naturally cross-platform.

i should be careful to note that this does not mean that we are abandoning connector/odbc development (again). it is just that 5.1 has been a huge leap forward in closing most of the gaps in its functionality, and the remaining features are both not numerous and not that widely used.

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It will be fantastic to have someone working on the client for a change.

Let us know if/when you get into the swing of working on the mysql client, as we have some pretty good ideas and even some patches ;)

» Kolbe » january 23, 2008 1:18am

is it just me, or did this blog post sound like it was all in a made-up language? not like klingon or anything like that, but jeez!

» downtown toilet (link) » february 1, 2008 5:11pm

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