but enough about me, what do you think of me?

in his infoworld blog, zack urlocker (vp products at mysql) passes on a good link about smaller software teams. and says very kind things about me, since he read the article after i posted it to our internal business-intelligence list. i used to report directly to zack, but i have managed to shoehorn in three other people between us on the orgchart since then.

that business-intelligence list is kind of a funny beast. it is mostly industry news (who bought who), with some interesting mentions of mysql in the press and blogs, and my ongoing implicit criticism of our development processes. it would make a pretty good blog. i should at least start posting the things i have been sending to the list.


Small teams are great! I'm a team of 1 and I have 300,000 lines of working code earning revenue (PCB123 CAD software).

With next months release, it will nearly double to 550,000 lines of code. Man years of development? 2.5

Cadance estimates they spend $10 million on R&D for every new CAD tool they bring to market.

R&D on PCB123 to market ??? maybe $200,000.

50x better R&D.

» Keith Ackermann » october 28, 2007 10:06pm

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