expensive parts

friendly note: do not go to the apple store at the glendale galleria, at least for a month or two. between the ongoing construction in the parking structure which makes it a bear to get in and out of, and the super-small space the apple store is in while they remodel their usual location, it is not a particularly pleasant experience. luckily, they called my name about ten minutes after my appointment was scheduled. the store was jam-packed, especially for the middle of wednesday afternoon.

the genius made a quick verdict of fried logic board for the mac mini. when he looked up the price to repair it, it came up as $612. which is just barely less than a new mac mini would be. now it is up to my boss (or his boss, or his boss, or his boss, or maybe someone else) to decide if replacing the computer is an acceptable expense.

after giving me the bad news on the computer, the genius hooked up the monitor that i thought had a fried power supply, and it turns out that it works just fine. whew!

we grabbed a late lunch at the oinkster in eagle rock after leaving the apple store (and i dragged celia out of the pet store next door). their bbq pork sandwich is so tasty. and so is the ube shake.

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