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right on schedule, i’m done with the pressing changes we wanted to make to the mysql bugs system. the most visible things (to non-mysql employees) are probably just the cleanup of the layout of the bug pages themselves, and the new public tagging interface. (with the requisite ajax-y goodness.)

under the hood, i’ve taken a machete to some of the more egregious bits of code. that’s not to say there isn’t a lot more that could be cleaned up, but it’s a start. now that i’ve cleaned up the bug reporting and editing forms, they’re ripe for merging.

based on the priorities set by the developement management team, i did less of the cleanup of the main bugs schema than i had originally planned, but things are in a state now that it should be easier to tackle those in the future.

my plan is to release this code publicly, but one of the things i need to do first is transition it out of bitkeeper and into another revision control system. probably bzr, but i really wish it supported per-file commit messages.


What would the ETA be on merging changes back to the PHP bugs website?

» Jacques » august 17, 2006 7:00am

i don’t have any plans to merge them back. i’ll release the code for bugs.mysql.com, and anyone who wants to sync things up with bugs.php.net is welcome to do that.

» jim (link) » august 17, 2006 8:46am

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