no oscon for me

the o’reilly open source conference 2006 schedule is out, and i’m not on it. (i got my rejection letter yesterday.) here’s the talk i had proposed:

“22 Small Features in MySQL”

Did you know the mysql command-line client could save you from accidently nuking whole tables with errant DELETE statements? What about how the ability to change data being loaded using the LODA DATA statement that was added in MySQL 5.0?

In this session, we'll look at these and twenty (or more) small features of MySQL and its supporting programs. Some are old classics, and some are new additions to MySQL that you might not have noticed behind all the big new features.

oh well. after the upcoming mysql users conference, i think i’m doing with conference speaking. i just don’t enjoy it any more.

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Sorry to hear 'bout the rejection Jim.

"i think i’m doing with conference speaking. i just don’t enjoy it any more"

I hope that's just you sulking for a bit?
Anyway, I think they idea of getting attention for these "little features" is nice. Quite often, such a little feature, hidden in the corner of closing paragraph of the manual has made my life easier.

I'm just wondering what constitutes a "little" feature. For example, the addition to the LOAD DATA statement that allows you to do some 'inline' calculation is really powerful - at least the concept is. From the perspective of someone that relies on MySQL as a staging area for a data warehouse, the LOAD DATA statement is teriffic - so are these additions. The fact these things might not've had a big impact on the development process is IMO not enough to judge the feature as minor or little.

Maybe the talk got rejected for being too modest?

» Roland Bouman (link) » april 13, 2006 2:56pm

i suspect it was simply rejected because there were better talks submitted. the database-related talks that were selected appear to be a fine bunch.

not doing any more conference speaking is something i’ve been considering for a while. this just means my last ones (at least for a while) will be at the mysql users conference instead of oscon.

» jim (link) » april 14, 2006 5:20pm

Ok, fair enough.

See you at the UC then!

Q: who will advertise these little features from now on?

» Roland Bouman (link) » april 15, 2006 3:55pm

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