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blowjobs, $5

it is rare that i walk more than a few blocks in my neighborhood without being asked for change. but today’s “<mumble> blow job, $5” was a new one. i didn’t try to get clarified whether he was buying, selling, or mediating.

i may not be doing web development for my day job any more, but i put a little more elbow grease into the mysql bugs database to add two new features that people have asked for at various times: subscribing to updates on bugs, and making private comments. i also cleaned up the database structure a bit. for example, instead of storing email addresses for the assigned developer and reviewer, it actually has a proper link to the user database.

it’s not a particularly pretty code base (although i clean it up as i go), but i’m rather fond of this little bugs system.

i saw melinda and melinda, woody allen’s latest film, this weekend, and sin city, robert rodriguez’s latest, last weekend.

melinda and melinda was a bit of a disappointment. the acting was all good, but the direction felt a little off for a woody allen film, and it was hard to shake the feeling that the parallel-stories thing has been done better in other films. it was good to see will ferrell in a relatively understated role, and radha mitchell was great as the two melindas. reviewers seem to be consistent in saying the comic side of the story overshadows the tragic, but i’m not sure that i agree.

i don’t have anything to add to the plethora of other sin city reviews, other than to agree that it is a great film. actually, here’s something add: linux and mysql powered the asset management for the film.

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