the soul of this man is in his clothes

look, it’s another askmefi question that touches on something i’ve been thinking about. this time it is a question about what clothes to get for a wedding.

for as long as i can remember, i’ve been someone who mindlessly sticks to a single style at a time. lately, that has meant t-shirts (largely from threadless) and sweat shorts or jeans. (and here’s where some people say “jeans? when did that start happening?” thanks for the support.)

peering into that part of my closet that i never use, i’ve discovered that i own a few polo shirts that i would never want to wear, a pair of slacks and a long-sleeve white shirt that i probably last wore to a wedding, a couple of pairs of khakis, a denim mysql shirt, and a nice shirt that doesn’t go with either pair of khakis or jeans (but works with the slacks, i guess). oh, there’s a sweater in there, too.

i do actually own a pair of shoes that aren’t sneakers (or sandals) that basically fit, although i’m not sure i’d really want to wear them for long. (stupid fat right foot.)

so i find myself in a situation where i feel like i should get some clothes that are above the level of t-shirt-and-jeans in order to not be an embarrassment to myself and others, but with absolutely no clue what that means, and a slight reluctance to really commit to it because if this trend continues, anything that fits well now will not fit well in the not-very-distant future.

i feel like this is where i should get to some sort of point. not gonna happen.

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