when leonard got in touch with me to pick my brain a little bit about the blo.gs acquisition experience, i didn’t have an inkling that he would be joining yahoo! along with the rest of the upcoming.org team.


when i look at the hobbled state of blo.gs, i lament, a little bit, my decision to not go to yahoo with the site.

ugh. so much more i could say. but no more angsty bullshit.

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Jim, thank you for creating blo.gs in the first place. You're not responsible for what happened.

» Hal Rager (link) » october 5, 2005 10:06am

Jim, I definitely appreciate the thoughts you had early on. I agree with Hal, blo.gs was one earliest, and for a long time, best, tracking services back in the day, and you have nothing to feel bad about. And you know, tomorrow is another day and that whole trite truism thing. And when we actually meet irl, I owe you a beer.

» leonard (link) » october 5, 2005 10:52am

i guess i should clarify — the whole “ugh. so much more i could say.” was pretty unrelated to how blo.gs has fared under yahoo’s stewardship. i don’t think the service would be in any better condition if i had never sold it.

and i hope good things may in store for blo.gs when yahoo launches their blog/feed search. if i were to build a blo.gs-like service today, i would almost certainly try to piggyback on one of the blog search services to let users find blogs.

» jim (link) » october 5, 2005 11:17am

I visited blo.gs many times a day. Tracked sites that way. Don't like reading them all in feedreaders, takes away all the individuality of sites. But (sigh) Yahoo has taken search away, which pretty much makes my list of blogs to check a static list.

Thank you very much for putting it together in the first place. I just hope that yahoo finishes whatever it is they're doing before the last person has left.

(by the way, why are all the 3 previous posts for Weds 12:37, or is that something to do with approving comments?)

» Susan Kitchens (link) » october 5, 2005 12:41pm

oops. it was displaying the current time instead of the time the comment was posted. still shaking out some bugs here.

» jim (link) » october 5, 2005 12:47pm

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