september, 29, 2004 archives

post chaining

powerblogs, the closed-source, hosted blog application that a few well-known political blogs use (among others, presumably) introduced a feature recently called “post chaining”. it’s sort of an on-the-fly categorization, where the posts in the chain are automatically linked to by all of the other entries in the chain. so if i provided a link to this posting in the middle of a chain about jimmy swaggart’s stupid kill-gay-people remark, you can easily find what earlier and later posts on the same issue had to say.

one more years

i signed a new lease, so i guess that means i’m planning on staying in downtown los angeles through at least october 2005. (and the nice thing is that my rent did not increase.)

maybe by then i will have unpacked and/or gotten rid of the things that are still in boxes.

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