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those better be top-of-the-line bits

the new beastie boys album (to the 5 boroughs is $13.49 from amazon, and $14.85 from the itunes music store. i hope that makes sense to someone. (i’d love to get the album, but reportedly the cd is copy-protected, and i don’t want to deal with that.)

it’s bad enough that buying things through the itunes music store isn’t that great of a deal when you consider you’re getting a lower sound quality than a cd (not that i can tell the difference) and no physical media, but more expensive is just absurd.


i made the giant monkey head in my latest design iteration by taking a picture (with my camera phone) of one of my stuffed monkeys (a tchotchke for monkey madness) and using it as the model in illustrator. it’s not a very fancy giant monkey head, but it’s my not very fancy giant monkey head. (except, well, it’s in the public domain. so it’s also your not very fancy giant monkey head.)

here’s the eps version of the giant monkey head.

as always, the design looks best on my computer. (although it should pretty reasonable on any mac os x machine using safari.)

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