october, 11, 2004 archives

the trailer for psychonauts (via kotaku) looks like a lot of fun. it has sort of an invader zim feel to it. tim schafer, who was involved with lucasarts classics like grim fandango and the day of the tentacle, is behind psychonauts. could this be the game that finally pushes me into joining the ps2 or xbox legions?

this article from business 2.0, “the new road to riches”, discusses the build-it-small-and-get-acquired method of business development. fabulous idea.

this being october, the intertwined topics of what i want from my life and what i should be doing with my life are on my mind. there is little question to me that i am underachieving right now.

jason fried’s missive on not forgetting the human side of scalability is another good lesson to be stirring into this pot. but is a team of one too small?

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