my new occasional tables arrived. you can’t really see the side table, but it is there. (my parents chipped in most of the cost as a christmas gift. thank you!)


I'm a huge slate fan. I had a slate coffee table, but it was a sample for flooring so it was on wonderboard and heavy as all hell. But it was cool. You're a fashionable man now in my mind. (not that you weren't always.)

» seliot (link) » january 28, 2004 12:58pm

indeed, i fear that my apartment may be starting to be too fashionable for me to be living here. (or at least the area with my couch, chair, and occasional tables.)

next thing you know, i’ll start hanging out at the coffee shop on the ground floor.

and wearing pants.

» jim (link) » january 28, 2004 6:47pm

uh...."occasional" table..? I fear to ask what that could possibly be.

» geoff » january 29, 2004 7:29pm

just the furniture seller jargon for coffee, side, end, etc. tables.

» jim (link) » january 29, 2004 7:34pm

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