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blog names and blo.gs

one of the current problems with blo.gs is that it does not handle blogs with non-iso-8859-1 encoded names very well. this would be fairly easy to fix, except for the feeds from weblogs.com and blogger—they aren't very consistent in what shows up in the name attribute. sometimes it is actually iso-8859-1 text, sometimes numeric entities are used correctly, and sometimes html named entities (like â) and numeric entities (like €) are double-encoded.

my preference would be for names to not be double-encoded. there's no reason to do that, as far as i can determine. (i don't think allowing html markup in blog names is necessary.)

but i assume the blogger and weblogs.com feeds will never get fixed, so i'm going to have to code up some heuristics to handle the names picked up from those sites.

this could get expensive.

the damage

(why all the links? i wanted to look them up to grab the album covers for itunes, anyway.)

nearly every time i buy music, i end up with a few albums that are plucked from the shelf largely on a whim. the lo fidelity allstars album was only $3, and i remember them showing up in various "other people bought..." lists when using amazon. the way out west album was a near-total shot in the dark (it has a digweed connection).

all of the albums were used or cut-outs. (some of them with the "the cd surface does not look perfect" tag, but amoeba music has a 7-day return policy for defective used discs. no problem with the two i've ripped so far.)

one album i wanted to pick up, but they didn't have used (or i overlooked), was pet sounds, by the beach boys. i guess i'll just have to force myself to go back to amoeba some day.

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