july, 18, 2003 archives

text-indent vs. :first-line

the stylesheet for this site used to indent the first line of paragraphs by setting the margin-left property as a rule using the p:first-line selector. silly me, i had overlooked the text-margin property, which safari actually supports. (it does not apply margins or padding to rules that use the :first-line pseudo-class.)

funny headline of the day

“shatner settles semen spat” — e! online


waiting for ask, robert, and graham to show up for dinner last night (at farfalla trattoria—tasty), i actually spotted a celebrity eating with cohorts: jason lee. apparently when you leave your apartment to eat at good restaurants in the hollywood area, you run the risk of spotting celebrities. who knew? (there was someone who came in and sat at the table next to him who he knew, and looked vaguely familiar, but i don't think i can count that as an actual celebrity spotting.)

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