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home again

back from the conference, which i sort of pseudo-blogged a bit on the mysql site. there was no wireless at the conference, so i didn't do as much as i would have liked to, but i also did more than i had planned. (which speaks mostly to my lack of planning.) unfortunately, the photographer and i weren't able to coordinate enough to get any photos online during the show, but i'll be doing so in the coming week.

the conference went really well. it was great to put more faces to names (both coworkers and not) and see all the usual suspects. now that we have a conference under our belt, i think the next go-round (in orlando, about this time next year) will be even better.

on to the next thing.

charitable contributions, as percentage of adjusted gross income

figures for bush and cheney via associated press. we’re all way above and beyond the national average of around 2%. (and those figures are just for those that itemize. as the report from the urban institute suggests, the actual average may be much lower.)

charity, april 2003

médecins sans frontières (doctors without borders) i’ll be making some more donations on tax day, in celebration of my refund. i’m still deciding what they’ll be.

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