october, 4, 2003 archives

credit reports

just to avoid any surprises, i ordered a three-in-one credit report. thankfully, there are no surprises, but all three of the major credit agencies have out-of-date employment information for me. two of them have knowledge adventure listed, and the third has harvey mudd college. not exactly timely info, especially for the last one!

i also have an old goodyear charge card that it would probably make sense to cancel.

the fountain in pershing square, in downtown. i'm getting more and more attached to the idea of living downtown. i think i'll in try to find the central library.

inside the los angeles central public library.

macarthur park, los angeles. paddle boat rentals are $7 for a half hour or $10 for a full hour. i don't think you'd want to fall in.

i love the ceiling at the hollywood and vine red line station. thousands of film reels. i wonder how long it will be before this seems as retro as covering a wall in vinyl records.

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