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i am without a holder for toilet paper (just the spring-loaded tube thing — the wall mounts are there) and shelves in my medicine cabinet. and the distance between the shower curtain rod and the top of the tub appears to be a few inches more than standard. (which isn’t really a problem, thanks to the shower curtain blowing in while the shower is running.)


i like stall showers with doors - those are the best - but usually you get the stupid shower/tub combo. i find that the shower/tub combo with the curtain is far better than having to clean the shower/tub combo with the sliding doors (what a pain!) you can just throw out the curtain every 6 months or so and then you're set...probably more if you have a liner for the curtain.

» arvind » october 30, 2003 1:04pm

One problem with the linked article is that the whole idea of "Bernoulli effect is how planes fly" has been debunked. There's an article from a couple of years ago in Discover magazine that talks about it. It turns out that plane wings actively push air down and this lifts the plane, not the Bernoulli effect. For a clearer example think of a plane's propeller, which is a spinning wing, you can certainly feel the pressure/wind when you're on the backside of that.

» Brian Duncan » november 13, 2003 2:07pm

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