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small project idea #71503: have ezmlm store subscribe and unsubscribe requests

i have roughly a bazillion little ideas and projects floating around. one is to figure out a good way to have ezmlm store (un)subscribe requests (and confirmations) to make it easy to track down what happened when someone got subscribed mysteriously. (actually, a lot of my little ideas involve logging and otherwise storing more information. figuring out ways to mine the collected data can often come later.)

some folks call it a soft launch

if i'm quiet about it, will people notice the new feature on blo.gs? (i mean, besides the fact that pings work after being broken for the better part of the last week.)

the folks behind gawker and gizmodo are looking for a software/hardware engineer. too bad i'm happily employed (and wouldn't really be eager to relocate to nyc), it sounds like they're doing neat stuff.

i saw catch me if you can over the holidays, which was an enjoyable movie that was overshadowed by its brilliant opening credits. tom hanks' role was underdeveloped, jennifer garner's cameo felt tacked on, and the pretending-to-be-a-doctor-using-quotes-from-watching-television was just too clichéd. (but don't get me wrong, i did enjoy the movie—i just wish it were better. i think that's one of the defining qualities of a spielberg film.)

(side note: who the heck are these people? once upon a time, i entered all the info for this game, from the credits, but i had some problem submitting it. i still have the issue of entertainment weekly that called this one of the worst five multimedia products of 1996. i'm so proud. the next company i worked for ended up in some magazine's top-100 worst ideas list.)

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