january, 1, 2003 archives

happy new year!

last year's non-resolution resolution was mostly a dud, so i won't pretend to really try this year. but if i were to make resolutions, here's the top three possibilities (in no particular order):

  • get a life.
  • move.
  • end the campaign of sabotage against myself.

just for fun, linus torvalds' autobiography (written with david diamond) is a fun book. in addition to recounting his own (sketchily remembered) personal history, linus also lays out his basic philosophies in life, which i found remarkably resonant with my own. his golden rules:

  1. do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.
  2. be proud of what you do.
  3. and have fun doing it.
words to live by. (although i'd quibble a bit with the first, simplifying it to “do as you would have others do.”)

one thing i was disappointed about in the book was the number of copy editing errors, including calling apache the most popular commercial distribution of linux.

jwz pundidates on how rss aggregation sites might get more useless when content providers freak out about their content appearing outside their control. online comic providers are already like this. the otherwise-excellent comictastic had to drop support for various popular comics. of course, it then has a flexible enough system that you can just add support for the comics manually. clue for content producers: once you've hung a piece of content off a http: url, you've lost any control over what client i may choose to view it in.

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