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meg laments the quality of some of the responses to the job posting that i linked to earlier. i always had fun going through submitted resumés, since it was easy enough to set a low threshold for when to simply toss the bad ones. longer than one page? gone. typos? gone. can't get a good sense of what the person actually did at previous jobs after fifteen seconds? gone. stupid objectives section? gone. (tip: leave out the objectives. everybody knows you're lying.)

while i've been involved with hiring some people that blindly submitted resumés, all of the (post-college) jobs i've had have been the result of various connections. (which is pretty remarkable, given how loosely connected i am.)

charity, january 2003

no, i did not skip a month. i used to make my donations at the beginning of the month for the preceding month, but i decided that it makes more sense to label things for the month the donation happens.

.net messenger service isn't particularly bot-friendly. for the other major services (icq, aim, yahoo!), you can just fire off a message, but the .net system requires that you “call” the intended recipient before sending the message. nuts to that.

i guess quentin tarantino has come back from the dead to make kill bill. i can't decide if the trailer looks cool, or like a parody of a trailer for a quentin tarantino film.

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