june, 30, 2002 archives

i think my “have i washed my hair yet?” brain disease is degenerative. today i washed it with soap instead of shampoo. i know one solution to this problem.

(made good progress on my tutorial presentation. it will probably take today, thursday, and next weekend to finish it up, though. lots of little packages to install, play with, take screenshots of, etc. and then there's converting my raw outline into presentable/printable form.)

now that we're in summer rerun season, my tivo is filling up with cooking shows (like 30 minute meals and oliver's twist, for example), i'm catching up on dvds from my netflix queue (like groove) and others i've bought (the simpsons season one), and i'm digging the various documentary series that the networks like to dump in the summer (like houston medical, boston 24/7, crime & punishment, and state v.).

oh yeah, and like the nice weather and stuff.

spent time today looking at some of the various php-based message boards: cthreads, fudforum, l-forum, neoboard, phorum, phpbb, w-agora, and zorum. an impressive lot, although i don't particularly care for web-based message forums. most of them have browser-based install scripts, which work to varying degrees.

except for cthreads, all of these are a whole lot of code. i'm not sure i'd want to use them if i needed to customize them at all. none of them appear to have much support for hooking into a pre-existing user database, which is a little surprising.

seriously dude, where's my car?

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