january, 2, 2002 archives

john balzar, writing for the los angeles times, absolutely nails what is wrong with making millionaires of wtc attack victim's families.

harvard early-acceptance emails were blocked by spam filters at aol. that's pretty funny.

oh, apparently i only need about five minutes of sleep each night. i fell asleep for a few minutes watching for a few dollars more (which isn't really a comment on the movie, just how tired i was), and now can't get back to sleep again. i find it humorous that sergio leone was sometimes credited as bob robertson.

hmm, osdn has started doing self-serve advertising. it would be more interesting if they had a lower entry point than $400. and it seems odd to be so loudly proclaiming that they'll only take $1000 a month, even if you're willing to spend more.

job search, day two: no job yet. (but i should have new glasses by next monday.)

because i'm just that cool, i got a complimentary copy of php functions: essential reference. would i be a bad person if i sold it on half.com? it looks like an excellent book, but i find the online php documentation fits just fine into the way i program (although there's room for improvement — i need to put together some more things to get more done from the keyboard without resorting to the mouse).

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