january, 1, 2002 archives

happy new year! while i'm not a big fan of tying a resolution to the new year, i have started to make an effort to write more. that doesn't necessarily mean here, it could mean there or there, too. or other places. wherever the words decide to go once they abandon my brain.

burning monkey puzzle lab looks like a cool tetris-like game. makes me wish i had a mac. or sufficient artistic ability to make my own games like it.

the spiders is a brilliant online comic that pertains to the recent afghanistan situation. apocamon is another great comic from the same site that retells the book of revelation.

so this new year brings a job search for me. (i've fulfilled my sick little promise to myself to not earn enough to have to pay taxes for the last year.) you can tell how seriously i'm taking this by how i'm spending my time looking at culinary schools. it looks like the california school of culinary arts is the local hotspot, but learning to cook in italy (in italian!) would almost certainly be awesome. i really wish i'd considered this a year ago.

happiness is homemade granola. mmm, cashews.

i love it when clay goes to town on something, like digital cash being stupid. (read later messages in the thread. they're a hoot.)

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