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butterfly and sword is a movie with many flaws, but it makes up for it with some of its over-the-top fight scenes and a few really amazing shots. the editing is really choppy, some of the effects are cheesy, and the plot is just barely coherent. but i’ll forgive all of that for the scene where a carriage is carried into place among the treetops and anchored into place by ribbons that shoot out of it. some of the acting is pretty good, too.

house of flying daggers is not nearly as good as hero. the sound design is brilliant, though.

hero is an incredible film. jason kottke got it right when he compared it to a ballet. roger ebert questions whether it is better than crouching tiger, hidden dragon, but i don’t think there’s much contest: hero is much better.

crouching tiger, hidden dragon is a pretty amazing movie. some of the "flying" scenes are a bit silly, but there are more than enough other moments that more than make up for that. but the person who cut the us trailer should be strung up by their toes. the international trailer is beautiful and intriguing. the us trailer is a hack job, complete with painful voiceover by that standard movie trailer voice guy. the marketing genius behind that one deserves some purple yin in their frappucino.