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now with old comments

slowly rebuilding the scaffolding beneath this blog and i re-enabled the display of old comments, which led me to re-discover the time when random people would get mad at me because i mistakenly said redman was a member of the wu tang clan.

what really cracks me up in the comments is my wife celia casually noting that she had dinner with odb and had talked to him about being confused as to wu tang clan’s membership.

you can’t post new comments. i am still deciding if i want to implement that again and deal with all the nonsense that will come with it.

if you check out the wikipedia page for redman, who is not part of the wu tang clan, you might notice that the picture of him is obviously cropped. who is the person that was cropped out? my wife.

this isn’t the first time that one of my pictures has been snagged for use on wikipedia, but it is the funniest.

wu tang clan in the ’hood

redman and celia

here is wu tang clan’s redman with my fiancée celia. there some sort of x games block party happening on 4th between main and spring, and the clan is performing at 5:30pm.

i have no idea what the drink is that he’s holding.

yeah, redman is not in the wu tang clan. whatever.