wu tang clan in the ’hood

redman and celia

here is wu tang clan’s redman with my fiancée celia. there some sort of x games block party happening on 4th between main and spring, and the clan is performing at 5:30pm.

i have no idea what the drink is that he’s holding.

yeah, redman is not in the wu tang clan. whatever.


Very cool pic! But just for your info, Redman was never in the Wutang Clan. Although he works in a collaborative fashion consistently with Methodman of the Wutang Clan. X Games, amazing!

» dude » august 7, 2006 7:23pm

oops. the guys that did perform were actually in the wu tang clan, or at least one of them was. i’m not sure who it was, though. maybe u-god.

» jim (link) » august 7, 2006 10:19pm

Um. Little detail, but for the rap crowd it's an annoying one. Redman is not part of Wu-Tang. Red is a solo artist who was performing with Wu-Tang for that really EXTREME super skatey-boardy thing they were doing because they both (meaning Red and Wu-Tang) have songs on the video game with the same name as the event.

To give you the benefit of the doubt: The reason Redman might often be confused for being an actual Wu-Tang member (btw, Red's from Newark, NJ; Wu's out of Staten Island) is because he performs the song "How High" with Method Man (who IS a member of Wu-Tang). It debuted on the soundtrack for "The Show," then was remixed and did pretty well on the charts. Red and Meth went on to do an album together and star in a bad stoner movie together, which was called "How High," where our heroes found the bomb genius weed that got them into Harvard. While studying in Cambridge they got everyone high and loosened up all those tight ass intellectuals while coming away with a valuable life lesson themselves: to get the rich, hot, smart punnany, you got to get the rich, hot, smart weed.

The movie did pretty well. Well enough for those same two dudes to get a sitcom soon after, called "Red & Meth," that was a half-season replacement that continued for another season and a half. The concept was that these hard-core weed-smokin' rappin' dudes was in tha burbs! Soccer moms! Crazy!

So to be clear -- just because you see a black person at a venue where a group of black rappers might be performing -- and if you'd love the idea that people who click on your blog will see it -- ask a couple questions. Yes, it will be embarrassing for you, but you ARE blogging. I think you've eclipsed the embarrasment factor -- so consider this. As a celebrity to certain people, he won't shoot you on the spot. But do you think he assumed you knew his rap and entertainment history? Could you have spit out some of his rhymes? No. So be honest. This might save you from assuming he's with the other black guys. I've seen plebes stuck for less.

Red's his own man.

» Rex Hadley » august 20, 2006 11:00pm

the television show was called “method man & red.” they filmed thirteen episodes, but only nine aired because the show bombed. (yes, i’m one of those few who watched it. i’m surprised they aired nine episodes.)

red certainly is his own man, and i doubt he gets his panties in a twist when some white guy he never said a word to mistakenly says he’s in the wu-tang clan. (why would i think he was with the wu-tang clan? could it have had something to do with him appearing with the wu-tang clan at this event? yeah, that’s quite the leap i took.)

» jim (link) » august 21, 2006 12:31am

you know, it's really funny because years ago when i was having drinks with odb i told him i was unclear as to who was part of wu-tang and who was just someone associated with them. my warner bros rep damn near had a heart attack, but odb just said that nobody really gives a shit. then he exhaled.

» celia (link) » august 21, 2006 12:48am

Ummm...sorry Rex- Redman did not "appear" or do a skateboardy thingy as his first association with the wu tang clan- he was already an honorary wu tang member by the time that video game came out. you guys are going a little too harsh on this dude who is obviously not educated in the world of Hip Hop- lie back, take a pill, and a deep breath, and just know that by the time you die these facts will not matter

» Ben C. » may 28, 2007 12:18pm

Listen bro, don't say that Red is in Wu tang Clan. He was never in it, and is not even acknowledged as an affiliate. Get your facts right next time you say something about the Wu, dickhead.

» Jake D. » september 28, 2007 9:29am

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