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word of the day: snotter

snot•ter (ˈsnä tər)

verb To snivel; to cry or whine.

noun (Naut.) A rope going over a yardarm, used to bend a tripping line to, in sending down topgallant and royal yards in vessels of war; also, the short line supporting the heel of the sprit in a small boat.

(definition from free online dictionary.)

pattern matching gone wrong

i thought to myself that it’s odd that two people i know used the word synchronicity recently. what makes it less odd is that it didn’t happen. one of them used serendipity.

there is a strange dichotomy in how sometimes people act as if everyone in the world has the same general experiences and beliefs that they do, and at other times people act as if they are the only one facing some particular issue or thought some particular way.

i don’t know what it all means. draw your own connections.