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amur tiger at the minnesota zoo

amur tiger

safari rss is sort of nifty, and i’ve been using it for my del.icio.us inbox and sploid.

one feature i really wish it had was some sort of visual indication of which items are the new ones.

blo.gs dashboard widget dashboard is pretty neat, but it is a pretty raw development environment. i banged together a semi-functional blo.gs widget, and one thing that becomes clear very quickly is that apple should have packaged together a bunch of common stuff into an includable library.

a few points of frustration: grabbing values out of xml (rss in this case) using the dom is annoyingly verbose, the javascript date object is surprisingly limited (and apple didn’t have the smarts to make it easy to get localized date strings), and doing flexible layouts involves lots of tedious hand-coding.

those are just initial impressions, though. it’s possible that it is all much easier once you’ve got a widget or three under your belt.

forwarding x11 connections using ssh on tiger

brandon hutchinson notes how to fix x11 forwarding errors with ssh, and this made things work better for me now that i’ve upgraded to tiger.