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busted on main

busted on main

we heard a police helicopter outside, and a police officer shouting more than the usual “pull over” that we sometimes hear, and taking a look out the window revealed this scene. the man laying down next to the car (partially out of frame) and the three women on the sidewalk were all taken into custody.

the police pulled a speaker out of the back of the car, and the general sense we got from our high perch was that this was a drug bust. not surprising, given how much drug activity there is right on that little stretch of main street.

you can’t see it in this picture, but the back of the man’s baseball cap said “foolish.”

maybe they just needed a better map

kevin roderick reports that a fugitive profiled on america's most wanted was captured in downtown los angeles, but a quick check of the given address (street name) on google maps looks a whole lot more like inglewood to me.