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layers of disappointment

the inventor of imap is unimpressed with gmail’s support, but consider me way less impressed with the imap protocol itself. some of the ideas are good, but the protocol is just terrible, and the specification is one of the worst things about it (but i have been saying that for years). i am amazed that an http-based mail protocol hasn’t replaced it.

you’ve got mail

i think i need to just pick a month and write up what charity-related mail i get every day. today it was habitat for humanity and project angel food wanting money, and an invite for the next installment of the gregory peck reading series with sharon stone and james woods.

i shouldn’t complain too much — if it weren’t for charity-related mails and mail for the previous tenants, i wouldn’t get mail on most days.

and as far as charity events go, the stay home & read a book ball is more my speed. (and i’ve got the wardrobe for it.)