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a usb/dvi kvm that does not suck

finally, i found a usb/dvi kvm switch that does not suck and is reasonably priced. the linkskey 2-port dvi usb kvm switch is $165, with all the necessary cables, and appears to work just fine with my mac mini and pc. i haven’t noticed any problem at all with the picture, and

there does seem to be some sort of problem with both the mac and pc recognizing the keyboard and mouse when they first boot up, which i’ve fixed both times it has happened by just unplugging the usb cable for that computer and plugging in back in again. another issue is that the volume buttons on my keyboard don’t appear to work, but i can certainly live with that.

the fact that this means that i can go back to playing world of warcraft on the (faster) pc is entirely coincidental.