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hosing things down

there was a small debris fire on a nearby building. i was taking wonton out on the roof to take care of his dirty, sinful business, smelled smoke, and when i looked out over the edge, saw that the los angeles fire department was cleaning up after the fire. i grabbed my camera and took a few shots. lafd says there were no injuries.

there were fire trucks parked outside the building behind us last night, and it smelled like they had put out a fire there. i wonder if there is a connection.


when i was heating up some taquitos for dinner tonight, i smelled something that was definitely not my cooking. some debris (from the roofing work behind us) was on fire in the alley behind our building .

i made a quick call to 911 to let them know about the fire, and shortly afterwards the building’s fire alarm started going off. my fiancée celia had just closed all of our windows that face the alley, so we grabbed some essentials on our way out the door, and watched the firefighters put out the fire, which was really putting out an impressive amount of smoke by now.

thanks to the firefighters from station #9 (our skid row station — the captain had the shirt), some of whom are still blowing smoke out of the lower floors.

(i didn’t have the presence of mind to grab my camera, even though it was right next to my keys, so no pictures.)