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note to self: when you feel your back starting to feel off, skip exercising for a few days. i felt it happening the last few days, exercised anyway, and today i’m paying the price.

i’m going to be a real barrel of laughs this weekend.

(to clarify, this is strained-back-move-like-an-old-man back pain, not oh-my-god-where’s-the-vicodin back pain.)

less of me to hate

here’s a graph of my weight for almost two years. except for that big straight line between january and july this year, i’ve been pretty consistent in weighing myself daily. since july, i’ve also been consistent in weighing myself at the same time each day, which wasn’t really the case before. even then, there are sometimes funny swings in my weight that help reinforce that it’s not a good idea to get wrapped up in the day-to-day numbers.

the trend has been aggressive since july — i’ve lost just about two pounds per week. i had a bit of a goal to get down to 220 by my birthday, but that isn’t going to happen. and to be honest, i didn’t expect it to happen when i set it. maybe i’ll be there by thanksgiving. certainly by the end of the year, unless i jump the rails again.

after that, my long term goal is really to get down to around 200. but that is a long way off.

for the curious, my approach to losing weight has been very simple — exercise more (five days a week at the gym) and eat less (mostly by cutting out crap i shouldn’t eat in the first place, but also by eating out less). the only thing i’m tracking is my weight, i just haven’t had the patience to deal with any sort of calorie-counting.