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daniel c. dennett, a professor of philosophy at tufts university, dissects the intelligent design hoax in the new york times.

according to the washington post, bush says that intelligent design should be taught. i agree. it should be taught, and exposed as the totally bullshit ignorance and fraud that it is. that’d be putting some real education into the schools.

mo’ money

this opinion piece from the los angeles times has the usual statement that “The nation — and California — will have to spend more on education, schools and personnel, but it also desperately needs a vision and a stable plan to guide this investment.” the article in general looks towards the finnish education system as a model to emulate.

of course, in finland they spend $5,000 per pupil, and in los angeles we spend about $7,000. professor grubb fails to mention that.

maybe the real solution is to prevent schools from purchasing any textbooks over 200 pages in length.

eric meyer wrote up his experience with teaching his daughter (now thirteen months old) sign-language using baby signs. very cool.