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buena vista cabernet sauvignon

buena vista cabernet sauvignon 2002 the main impression i had of the buena vista cabernet sauvignon 2002 was “peppery.” it was okay, but another wine that i wouldn’t seek out.

it’s probably time to actually give some other types of wine more of a shot. i’ve been sticking with the cabernet sauvignons because i knew there was at least one that i had liked.

i think it’s time for another trader joe’s run this weekend.

bonus link: tracking trader joe’s, an unofficial blog all about trader joe’s.

barefoot cabernet sauvignon

barefoot cabernet sauvignon i found barefoot cabernet sauvignon to be fairly disappointing. but as you can see from the label, it was “highly recommend” by the beverage tasting institute in 2002.

the website claims the wine has “robust flavors of wild berries and currants,” but they eluded me. my next-day impression of the wine is that it didn’t have much of a fruit flavor at all.

you have to wonder about a wine company that advertises its “new upscale image!

prosperity red cabernet sauvignon

prosperity red cabernet sauvignon my impression of prosperity red cabernet sauvignon is colored by my usual mistreatment of wine, which involves opening it to use in cooking and then not drinking the rest until way too much later. in this case, that was more than a week. i’ll have to give this another try sometime without letting it sit around so long after being opened.

for the record, you’re only supposed to keep open wine for three days.

last time i was at trader joe’s, they were already out of stock on the eagle & rose estate 1999 cabernet sauvignon that i had liked. so i went back to my usual “buy interesting looking labels” strategy.

i almost pointed out this article about what the drink a woman orders on a first date says about her in the los angeles times, but didn’t. but now that some at lavoice has pointed out there was a second piece to this about what the drink a man orders on a first date says about him, i will.

i don’t get the harvey wallbanger thing from the article about men (“a man’s man”?). but i would bet that if i ordered one at cole’s, the bartender wouldn’t know how to make it. in what sort of weird alternate universe is that a popular drink? i mean besides the ’70s.

eagle & rose estate 1999 cabernet sauvignon a couple of months ago, rafe passed along the clever idea of uploading wine labels to flickr to track wines you like (or don’t).

i’m not usually a huge wine fan, but this eagle & rose estate 1999 cabernet sauvignon was what i had with dinner last night, and it was tasty. i guess my “buy a random wine from trader joe’s” strategy was bound to pay off eventually.

i usually end up opening a bottle of red wine to make tomato sauce and then recorking it, keeping it around way too long, and then making more sauce with it. no such problem this time. (except now i’m out of wine.)

here’s an interesting list of hangover remedies. and just because you take a nap after drinking in the early afternoon and wake up feeling fine, don’t think you’re out of the woods yet — there’s still plenty of time for the dehydration to kick in before morning. ugh.