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cast iron pan

one of the gifts that i received this holiday season was a pre-seasoned cast iron skillet. i have wanted one for a while, although i have never really used one and didn’t have any particular uses in mind. i have still been learning how to clean it (and found that at least the paper towels we have tend to shred on the surface), but this morning’s breakfast of french toast and bacon turned out really well.

now to find some more recipes to really take advantage of this new toy.



don’t try this at home: culinary catastrophes from the world’s greatest chefs by kimberly witherspoon and andrew friedman (editors) is a collection of essays and stories from a number of chefs, as you might have guessed from the sub-title. they are pretty consistently great, and most of them are also very funny.

one story is from the execute chef/founders at downtown’s ciudad, mary sue milliken and susan feniger, and is about a disaster they had on their way to cater part of a charity event at the biltmore hotel. like many of the stories in the book, it will make you happy you weren’t on the tasting end of that particular meal.

don't try this at home: culinary catastrophes from the world’s greatest chefs edited by kimberly witherspoon and andrew friedman (reviewed here) sounds like a great book. one of the chefs to contribute a chapter is anthony bourdain, author of kitchen confidential.

speaking of kitchen confidential, i hope the show ends up better than the pilot. i really wanted to like it, but it just did not gel.

i was going to post my basic pancake recipe, but it turns out that i already have. looking forward to making pancakes on the weekend is one of the things that gets me through the rest of the week.

recently i’ve cut down the amount of flour (to ¾ cup) and milk (who knows by how much — it’s an add-until-enough ingredient).