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on broadway, 2007

stephen friday of angelenic stepped up and took pictures of everything on broadway in downtown los angeles, something i first did in 2005, and eric of blogdowntown did last year. you can read more about this year’s effort, including some side-by-side comparisons of buildings that have been transformed in the last two years.

one of the greatest things about this collaborative effort is that it hasn’t really been collaborative at all. both stephen and eric just stepped up and took pictures when they noticed nobody else had.

¡si, se puede!

protesters marching towards city hall the march/rally was huge. estimates put it over 100,000 people. we didn’t head towards city hall at all, but there were people streaming down broadway, spring, and even main street (and probably hill street).

i put a few more photos up. you can also check out dave bullock’s photos of the march.

we ran into a couple (british or australian, my bet would be australian) in pershing square who had no idea what they had gotten themselves into when they decided to visit downtown today. i wonder how the los angeles conservancy’s walking tours went today.

someone needs to explain to me what the political value of waving around the flag of mexico or nicaragua is at a march like this.

protesting hr 4437

people headed to protest my girlfriend celia and i were eating breakfast when we noticed people streaming down main, spring, and broadway. once we noticed a few of the people were carrying signs that said “no to hr 4437,” we were able to do the necessary googling to find out that there is a protest against an immigration bill that starts at 10am at olympic and broadway today.

we may check out the protest and march in a little bit before heading to see some of the buildings that are open as part of the downtown living weekend, and i’ll be sure to take my camera.

there will be a screening of the new film version of the producers at the orpheum theatre in downtown los angeles on december 14, 2005. you can buy tickets online ($50/person for non-reserved seating, or $150/person for reserved seats and a vip reception), and the proceeds benefit la’s best after school arts program.

orpheum the producers guild of america is doing a benefit for the los angeles conservancy at the orpheum on saturday, october 15th with a cocktail reception, vaudeville show and screening of the freshman with accompaniment on the 1928 mighty wurlitzer organ. tickets are available from ticketmaster for $40 plus the $5.75 “convenience” charge and $2.50 for the privilege of printing out the tickets at home (or more to mail them, or no charge to pick them up at will call).

5th and crimeway

it is funny to be walking along the street and have a drug deal happen not more than a few feet away. sometimes, like today, it is almost exactly like in the movies — a couple of quick hand-offs, and then the two parties are on their separate ways.