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new design

in the spirit of just getting it done, i kicked out the new design. as usual, it is best viewed from my desk. (second to that, using safari to get the ever-changing color effect. or possibly the latest firefox beta releases.)

i also “upgraded” the feeds to almost-valid atom 1.0, and got rid of the rss feeds. it is almost-valid atom 1.0 because apparently the atom 1.0 standard requires a non-empty titles. i wrote what i think about that three years ago.

atom 1.0 is even worse than other formats in this regard, if the complaints of the feed validator are to believed. not only is the <title> element required on each entry, but it can’t even be empty. nuts to that.

other things are undoubtedly broken. some day i may fix them.

ben writes more about what sixapart is up to with the atom stream.

clearly sixapart is up to great evil, because they are not using rss and avoiding using the existing cloud and feedmesh names. i demand swift angry mob justice. i’ve even heard they have a special room in their new offices where they smash kittens with hammers.

brad implemented a stream of atom updates from livejournal, which is sort of like the blo.gs cloud interface on steroids. nifty.

foo camp is this weekend, so that means that the feedmesh thing is a year old now. and speaking of that, put me in the jason shellen “not invited, but whatever” camp and not the russell beattie “not invited, and they kicked my puppy” camp.

announcing scraped.us

i finally got around to moving the feeds for the few sites i am still scraping to a dedicated domain, over at scraped.us. i also added atom versions of the feeds. the old feeds are redirected to the new ones.

there’s no special reason for this, other than it was annoying to process stats for this site because of all the noise from those feeds. now i can more easily isolate that traffic.