scattered progress

scat is the name of the web-based point-of-sale system that i’ve been working on. you might have guessed this if you had been paying attention to the tags on my earlier posts. you can also find the source code for scat on github. there is not much to see, as i am still tinkering and throwing code together to test ideas out.

the progress so far is that i can load all of the item data over from our checkout data, and search those items. one of the most painful things for us right now is receiving orders, so i have cobbled together the start of that functionality to use. we will be able to receive the order using this as we unpack the order, and then go back to checkout and receive the order there all at once through its stock room interface.

(the reason that receiving orders through checkout is so painful for us is that using the stock room interface cripples the performance of checkout. and since we are just using checkout on a single computer, it makes it hard to receive orders while we also want to serve customers.)

this is starting to get fun.

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