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a very dorky sunday

today i upgraded the (virtual) machine that hosts this site and some others to karmic koala. in the process, i discovered that linode’s user-mode linux kernel is not up-to-date enough for that, so i had to migrate to one of their xen hosts (totally painless, and probably long overdue).

i also wrote the beginnings of an endpoint for tweetie 2’s new support for a custom image server, which explains the earlier picture of wonton. a custom url shortener will be next to come.

oh, and i made banana bread.

shorter short urls for twitter

twitter’s 140 character limit seems even tighter when you include a link in what you’re saying. there is a bevy of services to shorten urls, such as speaking of the broader world-wide web he pioneered, tim berners-lee said he laments including “//” in addresses, but i think we could go even further for twitter, dropping even the 'http' part for your basic links. think of all of that extra wit you could cram into your tweets if you could just reference and reclaim six more characters to work with.

(a side note: it is funny to watch as the url shortening services start spitting out longer and longer urls.)

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