need a grandcentral invite

any users of grandcentral out there that want to hook me up with an invite?

it is a service (that was acquired by google) that allows you to have a single forwarding/voicemail number that rings multiple phones.


send me your email

» tim » may 24, 2008 5:01pm

I would be happy too. Shoot your e-mail address and I'll send one over.

» Ilan Rabinovitch (link) » may 24, 2008 6:04pm

I would except I don't actually know where to send invites in their UI...

» dbt (link) » may 24, 2008 8:47pm

yeah, looks like they have shut off the invites. i hope this means they are rolling out the service as a non-beta soon.

» jim winstead (link) » may 24, 2008 8:59pm

I can't find the invite page either. I hope it's not dying a slow, dodgeball-like death over at Google. They almost let the domain run out, it seems:

» geoff (link) » may 26, 2008 9:28am

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