iodbc and mac os x problems

working with the iodbc driver manager on mac os x has been a frustration on two fronts.

first, the installer api functions provided by iodbc constantly set the configuration mode to ODBC_BOTH_DSN, which means you have to keep resetting it to the correct value after nearly every installer api call. this problem is platform-agnostic — the iodbc code is just plain wrong.

second, when called from the odbc administrator application on mac os x, any failures that the driver reports or passes through from the installer api in registering the driver are ignored, and the application instead uses a generic prompt for dsn configuration.

so even with the first problem fixed, the second problem has led to a lot of tail-chasing until i discovered that the odbc administrator application only obtains enough privileges to write to /Library/ODBC as a member of the admin group, not as the root user. because the connector/odbc installer was trying to be helpful in only creating the /Library/ODBC/*.ini files with root-writable permissions, it was running straight into the second problem.

this is all related to bug #31495 filed against mysql connector/odbc.

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Whose iODBC Administrator/Driver Manager are you using and what are the versions ? Apple bundle versions of the iODBC Driver Manager and their own ODBC Administrator with the various version of Mac OS X. OpenLink Software who maintain the iODBC open source project ( provide their own versions of the iODBC Driver Manager and iODBC Administrator build from the latest sources available from the iODBC Web site and thus tend to to newer that the static sets Apple bundle with the OS at the time of shipment.

I would thus suggest you use the latest OpenLink iODBC components available from under the "Development Tools and Frameworks". Should these problems persist then we can look into them or any patches made can be submitted to us via the iODBC Web site.

Hugh Williams
OpenLink Software

» Hugh Williams (link) » march 5, 2008 5:52am

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